Company Portfolio

Projects made by Tallbergström Design

Mora Park School

Upcycling an old broken wooden boat into a playground for children.

Stendörren Nature Reserv

Building a natural playground inspired by beavers.

18th Century Cottage Life

Welcome to Backen, my homebase in Sweden together with my partner Linnea. Considering how much time and creative energy spent here it deserves to be shown. Here you will find lots of designs, projects, pictures and stories of how one can modernize a really old house to cater for modern needs. May this be a chapter to remind ourselves of what is truly necessary, what is comfortable, and what is luxurious. We are of course not the only ones who have cared for and developed this place, and hope that all those who have come before us would appreciate what we now create.

Small garden – lots of ideas

I made a quick sketch for a newly built house in need of a garden for its young family. Currently it is an empty lot with a square house centered. The lot is surrounded by raods, parking lots, and neighbours with high visibility into the garden and household. This sketch is filled with ideas, which could all be realized, or only a handful selected and a modified to fit the entire garden. Special features in this sketch are: the fences which provide shelter from the surroundings, and the ability to contain the adventures of the young child in different sections of the garden; the many planting boxes, as the soil is in a very rough state; the rooftop and vertical gardens, increased the garden space on top of the garage and along the walls of the house; pergolas and climbers, which compliment the hedges, fences and trees with different colors and layers; the massive water storage tanks, as in Sweden we receive much rainfall outside of the growing season; the altar and firepit to bring the elements and spirit of nature into the home; and finally the rock formations in the front garden, providing a solid wall towards the main road and a strong presence to the place.

Countryside homestead

A beautiful little manor surrounded by forest and wetlands. Home of a young family with two boys. The garden offers lots of playinggrounds from large boulders to climb on, to mossy forests and a funky barn. Many things are happening here, and I was hired to make a digitized document containing all the relevant documents, plans, pictures, and projects. Hopefully I can show you more images soon, as there are some really cool ideas on an outdoor kitchen, and sauna in the woods.