Virbela Ateljé AB

Synliggör Vatten


Natural stream with Flowforms and concrete pond (in progress)

Natural boulders and watersfall rocks

View of natural stream by Hölö Church from the top

Initial placement of boulders by Hölö church for natural stream

Shaping the landscape for antural stream by Hölö church

Placing rocks on top of pond liner

Installing Flowforms at the end of the stream and shaping the pond

Connecting pipes and shaping the surroundings

Sketch of the natural stream from above

Perspective sketch of the natural stream

Virbela Ateljé, waterplant nursery, Södertälje 2023

Virbela Ateljé in Ytterjärna, Södertälje 2023

Watercleaning system in Södertälje 2023

Watercleaning system in Södertälje 2023

Flowforms waterfall in park in Valdermasvik 2023

Waterplay at schoolyard in Nyköping 2023

Flowforms waterfall at elderly carehome Stockholm 2022

Flow forms waterfall 2023

Rainwater pond in private garden 2023

Rainwaterpond in private garden 2023


As landscape architect for Virbela Ateljé, my role is to plan and lead various waterscaping projects.

More images to be uploaded through 2024.