Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources

Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture (Urban Design).

Time period 2015-2019.

My final project was conducted as an action research for a Swedish ecovillage called Charlottendals Gård. I spent a total of 18 months at Charlottendal, out of which many of the activities and insights are presented in this case study. I am grateful for the opportunities to learn and practice, which the people of Charlottendal have given me, and I wish that this report can give them new perspectives of their beautiful home, and provide strategic methods forward in further developing their community. The focus of this thesis lies in practical analysis and a report on the design of the ecovillage.

An introductory shortfilm is available here.

This report is a case study on the societal aspects of living in an ecovillage. In it I deliver a twofold perspective, exploring the practicalities of Charlottendals Gård (a small farm undergoing the transition towards an ecovillage), and the theoretical roadmaps presented by Diana Leafe Christian in her book Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities.

This landscape architectural analysis was made as a collaboration between Caroline Pfeiffer, Mathies Andersen, Nikole Krossner, and myself (Peter Tallberg), during a course called Transformation Studio.

Unfortunately due to a broken harddrive I have lost the final version of the presentation, but this earlier versions gives enough of an impression of the analysis to suffice.