School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Bachelors Degree in Architecture (landscape architecture).

Time period 2012-2015

Bachelors Thesis

Det Gröna Gräset

This thesis focuses on the ecological aspects of green and grassy surfaces, in the urban environment. In it I explore the environmental aspects of human designof vegetated areas, and the use of native species in a Nordic environment. Much of the scientific data on types of lawns and species of grass was contributed by Maria Ignatieva of SLU (Sweish Universitety of Agricultural Sciences)

Presented in December 2014.

Supervised by Camilla Rosengren.

This project was a collaboration with Janne Keskinen (a fellow architect student). We analysed and designed a new residential area in the outskirts of the capital region of Finland. This project was made during a professional course in civic development on the final year of my Bachelors degree.

Our supervisor was Hossam Hewidy.

Greenspace Design

This project was an exploration of the Finnish natural landscape, and how it could be integrated to the new campus center “Väre”, which was in the beginning of construction at the time. Nowadays the ARTS department is housed in Väre. My design is based on uplifting the natural heritage of Finland, in a miniature scale, and allowing international visitors and tourists to experience many of the hidden wonders, as they move through the campus.

This project was a collaboration with Laura Kakkola (a fellow landscape architect student). We analysed and designed a beach area in the lake district of easter Finland. In this design we approach the cottage design with the target audience of young adults. The sustainable development of the naturally beautiful area is a high priority, and we integrate the existing hiking and water activity routes with the cottage development.

The Link

This project focused on developing a new pedestrian path through a forested area on Aalto’s campus. The building in the background was the department for architecture at the time. This path leads from two of the main campus buildings (Urdsgjallar “TF” & Dipoli) to Alvarinaukio (the main park on campus).


This was a concept design for housing development at a golf course. The unit is completely self-sufficient in water, energy, waste treatment, heating, and possibly even food production. The houses are connected by a subterranean pipe which unifies the distribution of resources and waste, and connects to relevant facilities.

Landscape analysis of my home municipality Sibbo (southern Finland). This was from a course from my first year on the Bachelors programme of landsape architecture.