Coastal manor in Finland


Coastal Manor, Finland


Landscape design

Garden construction


June – August 2015

This was a solo project where I constructed a sandy beach on

a coast prone to erosion, with a rock retaining wall keeping it

in place. I also added a fence around the garden for their pet

dogs, using already existing structures and natural features,

such as a large boulder. I redesigned a sitting area, and repurposed

old terrace railing sections as gates. I built firewood storage and land art to make the garden more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

During this project I lived on site 3-7 days at a time in a tent,

and was sometimes assisted by one or two residents of the

property. I followed up on the project for a couple of years, and

added some sand to the beach after the second winter as the

initial sand had settled. Later I have been informed that another layer of rocks has been added to raise the shelter and level of sand retained.

Sunset autumn time, picture shows how carefully the fences have been placed so as not to be visible or disturbing the scenery from the house. The beach also feels natural to the observer.

2 years after construction

A halved log made into a swing, hung from a pine tree

Assembled prefabricated wastebin shelter

Two years after construction

The property is situated by the coast of south-west Finland


Added fence and gate to already existing wooden deck

Dog proofing the immidiate garden

Checking in two years after construction

Sunset view from the beach summer time


Temporary art inspired by the archipelago

Assembled prefabricated firewood shelter and attached to existing one with extra compartment in between.