Ethnobotanical fieldwork

with Linear Imaging


In botany, a stoma (stomata plur.) is a pore, found in the epidermis of leaves, stems and other plant parts, that controls the exchange of carbondioxide to oxygen.


Fieldwork collaboration with Linear Imaging, conducted at Botanical Dimensions, an ethnobotanical library founded by Kathleen Harrison and Terence Mckenna in 1985.


Big Island, Hawaii, USA.

November – December 2019

— Botanical Dimensions

A living ethnobotanical library founded by Kathleen Harrison and Terence Mckenna in 1985.

Web page link: here

Short description by Terence McKenna here.

The Stomata project was conceived in 2017 by Linnea Andersdotter Rundgren and Kathleen Harrison. It was presented to me in late

2018. I agreed to take on the role of fieldwork assistant and

project collaborator, having a hand in fundraising, coordi-

nating, and labouring. I assisted Linnea in the field by

finding and selecting species, carrying equipment, opening

paths through the jungle, and clearing around specimen

plants to facilitate sample collection, creating shelters,

photographing our progress, researching ethnobotanical

information, communication with hosts, assisting in writing

of a fieldwork journal and moral support.

The journey was very intense, and required us to

work very closely together throughout many weeks. We also

travelled around the Big Island of Hawaii exploring more of

the natural world, and understanding its ecosystems.

We have published a fieldwork journal and short films of the project at this link:


The project is continued by Linnea (Linear Imaging) and updates will be published to both the fieldwork journal and page above in general.

Linnea's goal is creating a touring exhibition and a coffee table book containing the micrographs of the stomata, botanical information, cultural uses of the plants, and any relevant folklore we can find.

Review by Linnea Rundgren

Peter has been a great asset during this field work experience. He is diligent and hard working, often thinks outside of the box and possesses the ability to notice what is needed in a place or situation and quickly act accordingly.

He is resourceful, direct in his communication and very passionate.